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Workshop for company representatives. Supporting expatriate staff and families.

International employees are a valuable resource. What can you do to secure this resource for the longer term?

Research by mobility experts repeatedly tells us that there are two main areas that need improvement if Danish industry wants to be successful in attracting and retaining international staff.

The first is the issue of spouse employment and career opportunities. The second is the need for internationals to develop a connection to Denmark through forming positive human relationships with Danish people.

There has been significant focus on the issue of spouses/partner’s career and mobility leaders expect this problem to become an even greater obstacle to them attracting candidates of their choice in the future. Resources have been directed to career counselling, intercultural preparation, language training and support with seeking employment. Yet it remains an ongoing problem.

Internationals, like everyone, need a well functioning social life to feel happy and well adjusted. Establishing these social connections is everyone’s responsibility. Different companies of different sizes and industry type have different levels of success with this. Internationals who chose not to stay on in Denmark report that they would be more likely to stay if they had been able to form good social relationships with Danish people.

What is your organisation doing to respond to these issues?

Kelly Pacheco is a couples and family therapist in private practice in Aarhus, Denmark. She has experienced the life of being an expat spouse first hand and now works primarily with members of the international community specialising in providing therapeutic services to meet the emotional and psychological needs of expatriates and their families.

Kelly will be presenting you with a more intimate perspective of the life of the international expatriate family with a focus on the emotional and psychological experience. Kelly will refer to literature and studies related to some of the key issues affecting individuals and families including;

·      The high levels of stress associated with an expatriate assignment and the impact of this on work satisfaction and job performance,

·      Their increased risk of experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse problems

·      A different perspective on the issue of spouse/partner career opportunities.

·      How you can support the psychological wellbeing of international employees and their families.

·      What you can do to support the development of a successful social network for your international staff?

Kelly aims to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to further develop your companies ability, to not only attract the best talent, but to keep them long enough to see a return on their investment.