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Using Your Expat Experience to "Think outside the box" for your career.

The role of the expat spouse is being increasingly recognised as integral to the success of any expat experience. After all, the inability of the family to adjust is the second most cited reason for international assignment failure.


The term ‘trailing spouse’ carries many negative connotations and none that reflect the strength, knowledge, skills and experiences of the people who agree to accompany their spouse and family to new cities and countries and start over, often again, and again.


This seminar is an opportunity to learn how to utilise your expat experience as an opportunity to develop your strength and resilience so as to make the most of the adventure. 


You will learn about:

·      Common challenges

·      Stages of emotional adjustment

·      How to keep your personal resources in balance

·      How to draw on your past experiences and positive coping skills to explore and create new career opportunities.

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Supportive Counselling Training Workshop

“Supportive counselling” is by definition, the psychosocial support provided by consultants who do not have a mental health background or formal degree in counselling and is used to support people who may be dealing with a significant life event such as relocating from another country or city.

This training is being provided in response to the growing recognition of the psychological needs of clients who are relocating to Denmark or within Denmark.  Their needs often extend beyond the practical matters.

The path of relocation is not always smooth and straight-forward, it can be unpredictable with challenges along the way. Some of these challenges are major events that evoke strong feelings and have special meaning for your clients and those close to them. They can cause great distress and may stretch your client’s capacity to understand and cope.  When this happens, they can feel distress. The support the consultants provide can help bring the client into balance so they can cope and recover.

This two day training event is structured to provide consultants with a range of knowledge and skills to respond to clients when they struggle with the multiple tasks and emotions associated with relocating

Training Goals:

The training aims to give participants an understanding of what supportive counselling is and the skills required to do it well. It sets out the role and responsibilities of supportive counsellors. By the end of the training, participants will have developed a range of listening and responding skills and have insight into the values, ethics and boundaries of this part of their work.


A variety of teaching methods suitable for adult learners will be used.  These will include use of power point to share educational content, group work and role plays. Real case examples will be used to ensure transfer of learning occurs.

Topics covered:

1. The role of the supportive counsellor

2. Referrals and reporting

3. Communication – basic skills

4. Structuring a counselling conversation

5. Using email as your mode of communication

6. Life events and coping

7. Self-Care

The training program will be run over 2 days.

Sustainability plan:

A follow up 3 hour program will be conducted approximately 8 weeks after the workshop. This will provide the opportunity to discuss the implementation of the skills and knowledge acquired during the 2-day workshop. It will also include a review and reinforcement of the newly acquired skills and discussion of their application in day-to- day work. 

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