As you know, the number one reason companies lose international employees is due to the unhappiness of the spouse or family. This can be attributed to any number of factors; it could be lack of career opportunities for the spouse, cultural adjustment difficulties, or dissatisfaction with education options for children. But why is it that some families navigate these difficulties more successfully than others? 

Looking at this situation through the lens of a systemic therapist reveals an alternative hypothesis. Most families believe that moving to Denmark is an opportunity for something positive, an adventure, financial or career growth or simply the chance to experience something different. But along the way some families become overwhelmed by the challenge. Some families require specialist support in order to successfully navigate the multiple challenges associated with relocation and living an international life. 

Talking Works, a specialist counselling service, provides psychological services to internationals in English. My personal experience of living in different countries combined with my specialist knowledge and training ensures my clients receive the support they need to be able to successfully cope with the multiple stressors of this life. The families who stay are the families who have sufficient resources to cope. My role is to assist families in developing and accessing these resources. Your employee will be more productive if their family is able to adjust to the massive challenge of this transition. It is worth while taking good care of not only your employee but to place equal importance on taking care of their spouse and family. Happy families stay.