Group programs


Group programs

Groups programs will be run throughout the year. If you are interested in any of the group programs listed please contact me.

  • Facing your fears and Do as I Do (by Dr. Vanessa Cobham) – a group program for anxious children aged 7-14 years and their parents.  
  • Facing your Fears & Do as I Do

Anxiety disorders are the most common psychological complaint reported by children, with a point prevalence of 5- 10% and a lifetime prevalence of approximately 20%. These disorders impact negatively on academic and social performance, and problems with physical health and social isolation are common. Untreated, childhood anxiety has a poor prognosis, often persisting into adulthood. In addition, anxiety disorders in children predict the presence of other forms of pathology in childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and later adulthood.

The above points focus on the impact of anxiety on the individual child. However, the significance of these disorders goes far beyond individual children. Thus, families of children with anxiety disorders have been found to report worse levels of family functioning and more problematic familial relationships compared to families of children without anxiety disorders. It is suggested, therefore, that there is enormous clinical benefit (both for an identified anxious child and their whole family) in a treatment approach which keeps in mind at all times the entire family of an anxiety-disordered child.

This treatment program can be delivered to single families or in a group format. There are two parts to the program. The first is called ‘Do as I Do’ and is designed to be delivered ideally to both parents of the child identified as having anxiety concerns. The aims of the program are threefold: to help parents model effective anxiety management strategies to their anxious children; to familiarise parents with the anxiety management strategies (and the basic theory underlying these strategies) their children will be learning, so that they will be better able to prompt their children to use these strategies; and to help parents learn to respond  effectively to their children’s anxiety.

The ‘Do as I Do’ program covers the following specific topics:

-    the nature and causes of child anxiety

-    the role of thoughts in anxiety

-    the physical nature of anxiety

-    the role of avoidance in anxiety

-    effective and less effective ways of reacting to anxiety in children

-    a step by step plan for handling anxiety in children